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Robert de Niro
13th Jul 2007, 18:08
kane and lynch is plagiat too HEAT


14th Jul 2007, 09:15
Don't be a fool.

For starters, this is a videogame, HEAT is a movie (the best movie ever made btw starring the two greatest actors ever lived on this planet).

But also, the game has a different story, takes place in different country (Tokyo), has different characters, etc. There is no plagiatism.

The shootout in the street is the only thing that looks alot like the scene from HEAT. That is because that scene is one of the best scenes ever made, and it's a good thing to implement a scene like that in a videogame.
It's true that Lynch looks alot like Waingro. But that's just the looks, personalities and the role they play in the story is different.

Just like the club scene which is inspired from the club scene in Collateral.

K&L is INSPIRED by HEAT and some other movies. And it's about time too someone did that. I love that style, the genre.

So it's just a street with cops, I hardly call that plagiatism. There are actually many movies with cops vs bad guys fights on streets. But HEAT is the only one done right.

The Hessian Horseman
25th Jul 2007, 03:35
"Well roared lion!", I say :D

'twas about effin' time, someone made such a gangster-epic like game. And who could I wish for to do so, if not the Hitman-Masterminds?! :D

No, really, I'm serious about that one. I've always been one of those exceptions, who played Max Payne 2 without using bullet time at all, for I found, it made the shootouts less intense and intensive, dodging bullets in slowmo (of course it *was* cool, nevertheless ;) ). God, I've been waiting for a precious something like Kane & Lynch for AEONS!

But my prayers finally seem to have been heard!