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13th Jul 2007, 17:29
Hi, I'm so defeated. I have been trying this wall running jump thing in the Manor and have been unable to do the tricky one. Once or twice I got her to jump to the right column, but it was only a fluke, and I was so excited that I didn't remember to push the key to make her jump to the next one. Now she is running out of energy and I hate to use up more medipacks. I have already used one small one.

Is there anyway around this and future difficult wall running sequences? I'm so disappointed that I may never make it past the one in the Manor!

I've read all the messages about it and I've tried all of them. It just isn't working for me. I'll give it one more day, but then I might as well give up. Games were much easier when I had a teenaged son at home who would get me through the hard parts!

Annie in Washington state

13th Jul 2007, 17:46
i found wall running hard as well, if you point the analogue stick in the direction you want lara to jump that usually does it. i hope that was helpful. good luck and keep at it, you'll do it, nothings impossible (that sounded cheesey) by the way welcome to the forum

13th Jul 2007, 20:41
Welcome to the forums. The good news is that you don't actually HAVE to play Croft Manor. Other good news is that even if you die, you will be reloaded at the last checkpoint with a full health meter.

If you're having problems with wall JUMPING, the good news is that it's only required a few times in the entire game. If you're having problems with wall running like the topic says, you're in for a world of hurt as it's used quite often.

To wall run, you simply need to continue pressing to the right or left of the ring and then back the other way. The easy way is to keep the camera pointing at the wall so that left and right remain that way. Otherwise, you can move the camera to face along the wall. At which point, down will mean run towards the camera and up will mean run away from it.

Wall jumping is just one step after you're wall running, but traditionally harder to pull off. You don't want to try and perform it when Lara's approaching the peak of her run. No, you want to try and perform it after she turns around and is about to embark on the downstroke. At THAT point in time, you first press a direction. If the camera is facing the wall, the direction is down. If it's facing along the wall, you press left or right depending on which is away from the wall. Once you're pressing that direction (feel free to do that part while she's turning around), press Jump. She will retract her grapple, push off the wall, and grab whatever ledge was behind her that you were going for :)

In the future, if you see threads already on the subject, it's better for everybody to just post there instead of starting a new topic. That way all the input everybody's put into the other threads helps the most people and we can keep everybody's tips together in one place :) Good luck!

13th Jul 2007, 20:54
You'll get the hang of it, Annie. Welcome and thank you for the thread.

13th Jul 2007, 23:29
Thank you for the encouragement. I CAN do the wall running for a while, but after about the third run the camera moves and she comes to a halt. So I readjust the camera and start again. When she finally gets high enough to make the jump I give it a try and she ends up somewhere I didn't want her. OHHHH! I'm frustrated with this! The jumping totally baffles me.

Is there anyway to keep the camera from moving?

I'm using a PC (big huge wide screen with Vista, btw) so no analog stick.

I'd leave Croft Manor and get on with the game, but if I can't do the wallrunning and jumping here, I'll never get it in the game!

Still frustrated,
Granny Annie

14th Jul 2007, 00:30
I'm not a PC'r (a PS2'r), but I can tell you from reading a lot of the threads, the camera angle is what affects the controls for movement (like Demarest posted) in both setups.

If you're looking directly at the wall, the camera is always going to move back and forth. And if that is the case, and you are looking at the wall, then you should still be able to push down to get her to jump off the wall (that's what we PS2'rs have to do).

But if you want to know, it took a while for me to get it down with a joystick.
And now, well, I can have the camera at any angle.

In the gym, try angling the camera so you looking at the left corner, the side where the slanted pillar is. Get the camera all the way around until it won't move anymore. Move your controls up and down to make her do the wall run. The camera doesn't change as much when you do this. Then press LEFT and JUMP (in that order, but keep LEFT held down when you press JUMP).

If that doesn't work, practice looking all the way to the right. You'll be making Lara jump when she is coming at you (pressing RIGHT and then JUMP).

Practicing with different camera angles may help you get a handle on the controls.

No matter what you do, try not to make her jump at the peak of the wall run where she changes direction, because that usually makes her jump to the corner (Is that what's happening to you?). That's because the camere is reaching it's major change which is changing the way the controls operate. And don't try to push the direction keys too fast. Try giving yourself a beat, like boom--boom (I posted this somewhere else, but I can't remember where). It's not really a race (even in the time trials) to get this down. Try Demarest's suggestion of jumping just after Lara does her turn on the wall run, just as she's coming back down. A lot of people have said that's helped (I do it on the way up).

Now, I'm not a PC'r like I said (I downloaded the demo for PC, but I couldn't get into the controls--been on a PS2 too long), but I found practicing with the camera angles helped me to understand the controls better. This game was harder with the controls than Legend was.

It all comes down to practice, but don't let it keep you from starting the game. There's still plenty to do. You can always go back to the gym. Break it up a little, have some fun.

14th Jul 2007, 06:34
Is there anyway to keep the camera from moving?

I'm using a PC (big huge wide screen with Vista, btw) so no analog stick.Good! You're actually at a huge advantage then.

There's no way to prevent the camera from moving, but knowing that it moves is all you need to empower you to be able to get passed this. On PC, moving the camera is as easy as moving the mouse. So when you get to the point where the camera is about to move, just move your wrist to compensate. For my money, this is the biggest advantage we have over console players (the ability to move the camera instinctively). I never played Legend, so I realize this can take some getting used to.

14th Jul 2007, 07:20
For what it's worth, I don't think there's really any place in the game where you need to run more than twice in a row, and usually just once is enough. You can tap the interact key to build up momentum as she runs instead of swinging back and forth. And also remember that you can adjust the length of the rope - sometimes it makes all the difference.

I actually found the analog stick very useful for some of the weird angles the camera will set itself to... unfortunately there's no real way to hold it in place, so you'll just need to (sorry, everyone hates this advice!) practice getting used to the different angles and also with completing the run in one go so the camera doesn't have time to shift so much. I spent ages practicing in the manor before getting to the game itself, so you're not the only one. :D I also agree with Hippie - you should be able to get a few levels in before wallruns become an issue, and you can always pop back to the gym at any time. Just don't forget to manually save your game when you do. ;)

Good luck! And don't fret; it's definitely not the easiest move to pull off, but it is possible. Oh, and welcome to the forums. :)

16th Jul 2007, 02:25
Thank you again for all the encouragement and suggestions. I'm just not having any success with it and have reached my frustration limit. (I think there is probably a mathematical equation that could determine one's length of trying a particular thing. It would have to do with one's available time, the amount of enjoyment one receives from watching Lara move and closeness to actually being successful to whatever it is one is trying to do.) I've given up on getting that particular artifact and have gone on to get the wrench and moved on to the room where the pool is being built. Now I'm having a problem there, but I'll start a new thread with a new title asking for help or hints on it.

Being a stubborn person I will probably come back to this later... so if you have any other suggestions, please tell me here! I'll be checking back.

Annie the ancient one

16th Jul 2007, 03:33
I have no new tips, but I have some good news. According to my research here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=70488), Croft Manor artifacts don't count towards unlockables that are triggered by quantity of artifacts gathered. And the only thing that they DO count towards, you only need four of when there's eight to be had. So you CAN miss up to four Croft Manor artifacts and still achieve all the game has to offer.

16th Jul 2007, 22:10
I have no new tips, but I have some good news. According to my research here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=70488), Croft Manor artifacts don't count towards unlockables that are triggered by quantity of artifacts gathered. And the only thing that they DO count towards, you only need four of when there's eight to be had. So you CAN miss up to four Croft Manor artifacts and still achieve all the game has to offer.

Demarest, just before the jump, do you find it helpful to let the pressure off the last direction key you're using to move her back and forth--for a split second--then pressing the direction key you want to make her jump in?

With the PS2, I let the pressure off the joystick, feeling it slip back to center, then I push it in the direction I want her to jump, then press jump. She's making it everytime now.

16th Jul 2007, 23:17
Actually, yes I do. Mostly because there were times where even though I was waiting to the last possible second, she would still jump "forward" instead of away from the wall. Letting go at the end of her arc DOES mean I make it every time now too :)