View Full Version : help me(yardım)

I'am TurK
13th Jul 2007, 10:03
ardakaşlar dinazorlu bölümde oklar var ama bişe yapamıyorum help me

13th Jul 2007, 10:09
unfortunatly my friend, i cannot understand your language

Tomb Radar
13th Jul 2007, 11:08
Turkce bilmiyorum. ;)

13th Jul 2007, 12:01

Below Zero
13th Jul 2007, 13:00
Welcome to the fourms! I do not understand your language, sorry but I cant help.

13th Jul 2007, 15:58
my dad is from cyprus he is fluent in turkish, but unfortunetly i don't speak a word of it. welcome to the forum anyway. (i suppose you can't understand any of this can you:o )

14th Jul 2007, 13:38
Merhaba my friend, i can´t speak turk but i think this means hello. Its MERHABA not MIRHABA i think:whistle: .....
Can someone clear me on this??

P.s- Ironic, i was told to learn to speak in english and now this happens.......

In Portuguese we say: Olá=merhaba=hello