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12th Jul 2007, 22:55
Is there anyway in Anniversary that you have the option of enabling which weapons you want to start each level with? I saw on youtube once of a Lara having a shotgun and the pistols (not automatics) in the City of Vilcabamba level. I find it a bit "unusual" playing the first few levels over again with the uzis, etc. :$

13th Jul 2007, 00:41
I don't think so. But don't count on me, because i'm no Tomb Raider Expert. ;)

Tomb Radar
13th Jul 2007, 08:59
If you play through the game without finishing it then go to replay a previous, you'll have all the equipment and ammo that you have in the main playthrough. So if you get to the second Egypt level with 40 small medkits, 20 large and all weapons with 40 rounds of ammo, if you choose to replay City of Vilcabamba you'll have the 40 small medkits, 20 large and all of the weapons with 40 rounds of ammo. You can use aall of that gear in the replay, and you'll still have that much when you continue the game from the main playthrough. :)

Once you conplete the game though you'll only have 2 small medkits, all weapons but only spare ammo for them. You can carry 250 rounds of ammo for the mini SMGs (50 in the guns, 200 spare). If you replay a level after finishing you'll have the SMGs but only 200 rounds of ammo. Its the same with the Calibers (120 rounds) and Shotgun (40 shells). :)