View Full Version : is this pic right?

12th Jul 2007, 16:55

for those confused that is the uzi in my hands already........

12th Jul 2007, 17:08
Did you go over and check if they were actually the uzis? Becuase that happened to me when I replayed the level, and it was just ammo :)

12th Jul 2007, 17:10
You must be Replay Level'ing. Or using the Greece time trial cheat of all weapons. Eh?

Werner Von Croy
12th Jul 2007, 17:11
No medipacs :eek: someone hasn't discovered the little flaw with medipacs yet :D

Below Zero
12th Jul 2007, 17:30
Thats weird

12th Jul 2007, 17:52
not ammo, when I actually get over there it's a WEAPON(just one not the 2 like you first got there), No cheats: time trials not done. Ummm possibly a replay if you want to call it that, I sort of like to PLUNGE to death so I have to re-do alot from last checkpoint.

did I check? Yes, I hate going over there I usually fall to fast an KILL HER! sliding down the side of the guy (can't think of it's name).

12th Jul 2007, 21:23
Well according to my game guide you can get the 50caliber Pistols twice in Greece so maybe you can with the Uzis:scratch:

12th Jul 2007, 22:52
Yeah, I noticed this when I played. But when I went over and picked it up, it just increased my ammo. It happened with some other weapons, too. You can't actually get 3 Uzis or more than two .50 Pistols. It's just a glitch that does nothing.
I remember in earlier Tomb Raider games that you could often collect a particular weapon in more than one location but, if you already had it, it would be replaced by ammo instead. This is obviously supposed to work like that but somebody forgot to make sure the object changed to ammo if you already had the weapon.