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20th Nov 2013, 23:08

Seeing as this game is on Unreal Engine, I was wondering, if you would be considering adding some kind of ability, to use Unreal SDK or maybe even tools provided by you, to make maps for the game?
Perchaps you would than choose a "Map of the month" that would find a place in the map rooster?

I just couldn't help but notice, how much this game reminded me of Haunted mod for Unreal (that later became full-blown game).
If mappers like that would want to contribute, the game could only profit.

Speaking of Haunted, It would really be cool, if environmental effects could be added :) Haunted included possibility of changing weather and often included some kind of hazards, like lightning, fog, etc. It had pretty good graphics, maps just as big, 4v4 play. So it shouldn't be that hard on the same engine ;) I'm in alpha and enjoy it as it is, but I think that everything that keeps players from boredoom is what is the key of f2p games. Not that I'm even close to boredom ;)

21st Nov 2013, 00:51
I did ask them if they'd consider mods for the game. When I asked, they said it probably wouldn't be possible, because they need to keep the game live and on the servers. It sure would be nice, though, wouldn't it?

21st Nov 2013, 01:34
This is a nice idea.
It is possible in guildwars 2 so why not here ;)
Or just let people create a map and ones in a while pick a new map to add to the rotation.

27th Nov 2013, 22:14
online Neverwinter has this kind of stuff, some of the best user maps are eligible for a daily quests(chosen by administrators).
turne dout, there's quite a lot of people willing just to have some simple tools for creating stories in the game setting, others like to play them for the sake of the story or unusual environment. or just extra messy fights =D
also, it brings a few more ways of income: from the selling rights for using the editor to being able to add new/changed resources.

28th Nov 2013, 11:38
Plus for the Die hard fans amonst us, who would seriously want the entire world of LoK being made in Muliplayer map form, admittedly I'm sure the first 3 maps to be made would be

Lake of the Dead
Nuraptor's Retreat as it was in BO
The Sarafan Stronghold from SR2