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11th Jul 2007, 11:49
Edited and made a few fillins:

The technique has been around for about 5 years or so. Myself i heard of it two years ago (I saw an advert for E-D's shutterglasses and i got curious) and i had to try it. It worked like a charm and one might say i immediately got bitten by 3D! However it's really a riddle how come not so many know about it yet. :confused:
After playing in 3D for 2 years i advanced and now i play my games in 3D on a 100" polarized screen using two projectors. All my friends can also view and play in 3d since only a pair of polarized glasses each is needed (same principle as in an IMAX cinema) however this setup is really expensive though.

About gaming in stereo: Most games works right out of the box!!! This is because most games are made in a 3D-like environment. The characters are modelled in 3d-programs just like walls, buildings etc ect. The game engine works in 3d just like your graphic card. According to my own experience about 75-80% of all games works in S3D. :). If you don't want to buy the "pig in the sack" there are plenty of demos from the game manufacturers so the possibility to try the games for S3D before buying is good.

You do not need a super duper computer since gaming in stereo only need 15-25% more computer power. If you have 50 frames per second before stereo you'll have about 35 fps in stereo. :)

How it works (simple explanation cause i simply don't know more specific ;) ): The stereodriver forces the game to render the scene from two different locations. Then the graphiccard alter the two inputs to two scenes which is transfered to your monitor/projector or whatever. The technique is called pageflipping.

To view 3D you need to have eqipment, some expensive most not.

1: Shutterglasses and CRT-monitor (CRT-monitors are those old television like heavy monitors). If yo you already have a CRT-monitor the only thing needed is the shutterglasses. Google "Elsa revelator", "E-Dimensional" or check here: http://www.stereo3d.com/shutter.htm
This technique works by that the CRT-monitor alter the left and right eye image several times per second (85-150 times). The shutterglasses then let the right image to the right eye and vice versa thus making you see 3D. The cost for these glasses vary but it's from 40$ up to 150$. I gave 100$ for mine (Sweden). If you allready have a CRT-monitor this will be the only cost.

2: To view 3D with flat screens (LCD-monitors) i only know that anaglyph (Red/green) glasses work since these monitors are not able to switch images so fast. (I've tried but only get a meanless flicker from the monitor with no experienced 3D-effect). The method with anaglyph also works with CRT-monitors. This is a very cheap solution since these red/green glasses might be available at toy stores etc. Red/Green or red/Blue discofilters works just ok too. Backsite with this is that you have no color reproduction but the 3D-effect will surely be there. On the other hand it's really cheap and nothing else than those colored glasses is needed.

About the stereodriver from Nvidia: Each stereodriver has a matching Nvidia-driver (the normal driver you're already using). If a game won't run in stereo it's still playable like before. Just turn the stereo option in the driver off. So, there is no damage done to your computer by installing a stereodriver. The latest Nvidia driver with matching stereodriver is 94.24. Most games should run with that. :)

Now some limitations: The S3d technique is mostly meant for the Nvidia graphic card series. It's possible to view 3D with ATI but with more hazzles (other stereodrivers. ask me if you want to know). The Nvidia stereodriver do not support dual core processors so you have to use a tweak to disable one of them when playing in stereo. Some postprocessing routines in the games might also interfere with the 3D effect but most times those can be turned off. Unfortunately there are also no satisfying stereodrivers for the Nvidia 8800 series yet. :(

Read some more here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d_stereo.html
Stereogamers also have an own forum for 3D where also the newest stereodrivers can be found. http://www.mtbs3d.com who also works to actively make game developers to keep a high degree of S3D compability in games even in the future.

This might sound too good to be true. It's exactly as good as it sounds :)
For example of a small number of games that works perfectly in 3D: All the games of the Tomb Raider series are wonderful in 3d except TR1 which don't work (but we have Anniversary now ;) ). Flat out 1 & 2. Half life 2 (Scary in 3D). Far cry is perfect in 3D just to mention a few. (approximately 75-80% of all games do work in 3D).

11th Jul 2007, 11:56

that all sounds very technical, but thanks for your help, i will have a look and see how i get on,

its exciting!!!

11th Jul 2007, 12:11
Yes, studying first might save you some hazzle.
1'st: At least until now S3D is an Nvidia feature only. There are other stereodriver that also works but not as good as the Nvidia ones.

2'nd: Shutterglasses works only on crt-monitors. I've tested them with my flat screen but it's a no go. They might work with DLP-projectors. With LCD-monitors it's still a no go. So LCD technique and shutterglasses makes no 3D.

3'rd: Another cheap solution just to get a grip on it: Get a pair of those red/green, red/blue glasses and try it out. Maybe you find them in a toystore magazine or you might find some discocolorfilters to try with. Works on every monitor and projectors. However you still must have an Nvidia card in you computer. (There are solutions even for ATI owners but not a simple one). The only thing sacrificed with this S3D solution is of course color reproduction but at least you'll see the effect and for a real cheap cost.

I really recommend the 3'rd option for those who are curious since the cost is only those red/green, red/blue glasses before advancing to other solutions.

12th Jul 2007, 09:52
We have some of those glasses somewhere, and tried it for a while, but every re-install of Windows lets more fun stuff drop by the wayside because of the hassle getting the OS back to what you want it to be. Maybe I'll dig them out again sometime. :)

12th Jul 2007, 16:54
Reinstall of the OS? At most you should need to change the drivers for the graphiccard. Have you tried out gaming with those glasses with just the Nvidia drivers (+stereodriver) or did you use some other solution. (curious). (if you have an Nvidia card of course) :)