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12th Jul 2007, 02:27
Is it only me or have others experienced this. Garrett seems to have a limp! When he is standing still and then I make him move forward, his first step frequently is not forward but to one side (mostly right). No big deal (I got used to it) but it CAN be annoying when you are on top of a narrow beam, or about to run through a door and you hit the wall instead.

OTOH, when you try to sidestep, his first step sometimes is forward! :scratch:

12th Jul 2007, 07:07
In TDS, Garrett will move -in the direction you are facing In the original games, he went where you looked. In this one the head turns, but the body does not.

So if you climb a wall or some thing, or walk a beam, you need to make sure you stepped on the beam in the direction you wanted to go. If you look LEFT and try to go where you are looking, Garrett will walk in the original direction.

So, use the turn keys to align the body with the line of sight.

12th Jul 2007, 22:45
Huh? How can I know that the body and face are in the same direction?

12th Jul 2007, 23:35
If you're playing in First-person mode, look down so you can see his body, then turn his head. As you keep turning you'll see that his body will eventually start to turn smoothly. Once the body has been turned to face the right direction, you can then look that way and begin moving again.

12th Jul 2007, 23:35
If you walk in a door you are looking straight ahead in the direction you are walking. If you stop and turn your head to the left and then W your first step will be into the room, the next to the direction you looked.

When you are moving, the body follows the head (eyes). If you stop, then you have the situation above.

A good example is when you climb the wall at CLOCKTOWER and back down onto the pipes. If you just LOOK over your shoulder to the pipe, and then walk you will fall off.

But if you use the arrow keys to turn your body to line up with the pipe in the direction you want to go, you are alright.