View Full Version : fun places around town

11th Jul 2007, 19:47
mild spoiler...not mission related.

usually in each area there are two places you can break into.

in stonemarket there is the tavern and then that guy's aparment with a mini quest.

in stonemarket proper there is the gemcutter's place, the place with a safe, and a little shop.

in south quarter there are two climbable walkways.

there is lady elizabeths hutch, your neighbors to burgle, a guard station to burgle, and a house with a really cool rafter system.

in the docks you can burgle the pagans place but i usually don't

there is also the tavern.

i am wondering if there are more places in that area that you can climb too.
i found a climable wall in the docks that has a ledge, but then i can't seem to jump over to the apartment across the way. is that a dead end?