View Full Version : How to make Just Cause Anti-aliasing?

10th Jul 2007, 12:19
there is no option about Anti-aliasing in Just Cause just wondering how to enable it.

i have a nvidia card and i can enable the settings from there but that will enable anti-aliasing in every other game too.:scratch: i dont want to switch every time since i have 25 games installed on my comp
any help is appreciated:)

PS: anyone know how to change the mouse sensitivity?

1st Aug 2007, 08:24
1. Open Up ''nVidia Control Panel''
2. Go to ''3D Settings'' --> ''Adjust Image Settings With Preview''
3. Tick the ''Use The Advanced 3D Image Settings''
4. Click the ''Take Me There'' link
5. Choose the ''Program Settings'' Tab
6. Add your Program (justcause.exe)
Just Cause is already there. Just scroll down click on it.
7. Configure your settings :D .

Using 2x anti-aliasing makes the game run smoothly. If you want it super smoothly then make it 4x. 4x is OK i think.
4x for me lags the game a little :rolleyes: so the best for me is 2x