View Full Version : Bad rubberbanding AND victory instead of defeat

20th Nov 2013, 20:19

I've noticed two bugs.

First is pretty common and many people expirienced it.
When dropped by a sentinel, especially near harbor (water that triggers auto-drop) players mostly end up looped in falling animation and can not move.

Second bug is kind of tricky.
On server EU 268956, about 18:45 we won a match (barely) as vampires. Than we lost quite bad as humans.
Overall we had less scores than enemies (they had 66, we had 62). Though game said we've won, and gave (at least me) 100 victory gold.
Few people noticed it (about 4) and were surprised.

Nobody left after that session, next match on the server had correct victory screen. As all others on other servers I played on. So far I didn't notice or could not reproduce the effect.

There is the issue of matchmaking not always working after a match, but that seems to have been reported a lot already :)

20th Nov 2013, 20:33
First one has been reported multiple times.
Please use the search function. Its a geo bug and is also noted in my total bug list.

The other one I heard but never noticed. So it would be nice if you had a screenshot.

20th Nov 2013, 20:53
I will try to document each match stages scores from now on.