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9th Jul 2007, 21:45
I just wanted to whine ... no one else seemed to complain too much about it, so I thought I could add something :D ...this ascent inside the great pyramid is a pain -- wish, at least, there were more save points -- like at least after the bat-battle on the receding platform.

Been stuck at same point for a few days now -- a platform that's about 40% up. You first have to zap a wall target with pistils to turn on a circle of lights. Then 2 bat-things throwing zaps come out and platform begins to recede into wall. :eek: Assuming you don't get knocked off the platform (a few choice sequential hits from the bat things and you are likely to end up in the lava below), then you can shoot the wall target till all lights are lit and platform will re-extend as will polls and grapple points needed to move forward. Problem is the polls and hooks don't stay out for long...19 seconds (multiple timings, between 18&19, maybe it was intended to be 20, but I don't think so -- it's on the shy side).
Continuing, you need to leap first leap into corner onto an incline and immediately jump again, "just right", or end up in the lava. Next, two poll swings, reversing direction on 2nd, upper one and leap back to 1st corner crack. *No resting*
(I'm amused -- the companion guide book says "Now for the tricky part" !!! :rasp:)
We are still on the 19s. timer -- you need to leap to another poll, then jump & grapple a hook & wall run to 2nd corner -- and, without stopping, jump at right angle along next wall and immediately grapple another ring to swing to 3rd corner -- then I think you can "rest" (I think). You finally do a jump to another platform that's about 3-4m higher than the one you started on. I'm "guessing" there's another save point on that platform. The only place one could add a save would be after shooting the bats. It wouldn't be much...but every little bit helps.

Sigh....back to the torture chamber...:nut:

One good thing, so far, none of those eternally long motorcycle rides. They had one cut scene where she is following bad guys -- I wouldn't have minded if that had been interactive -- it was short enough -- then I'd have to jump and make it into boat & hide...but it's better than an alternative like the cycle ride in russia in TRL.


9th Jul 2007, 21:50
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