View Full Version : MISC. First Impressions and Feedback

20th Nov 2013, 18:41
First off I want to say that I'm really enjoying the game so far but wanted to give feedback on a few things.

Currently in the lobby players' levels are shown on top of people's steam avatars in white text. This can be hard to see if the person's avatar has a lightly coloured/white background, which is fairly common. I would suggest moving the level indicator to either next to the player's name, inside the border, or to the top right corner, where there seems to be a "tab"/outcrop (unsure how to phrase this).

I've seen it been mentioned in other threads but options to purchase things from the store for amounts of time other than 1 week or permanently would be good. Personally I think a 1 day option would be fine for this, to allow for trying things out more regularly.

I believe this has been mentioned before as well, but when holding left shift to free-run as a vampire class, on the larger walls the model will not smoothly climb, but instead will occasionally appear to "fall" to a lower portion of the wall.

Lastly, a reduction to, or an option to skip, the intermission time would be nice. Perhaps a button to immediately play again with the same/scrambled teams. Currently most people will exit out of a lobby then queue back up once a game is done, as it is normally quicker than to wait for the intermission timer to run down.

Other than that, keep up the good work. Its nice that the classes all have a distinct feel to them, and have things that make them stand out from each other.