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20th Nov 2013, 17:49

Just had my first game of Nosgoth. It looks really good, I like the scenery and how things move around. I got my ass kicked pretty bad and didn't really achieve much.

While I'm sure some people will enjoy this game I don't think its for me.

I might have another go if there is some sort of practice mode so you can run around a bit to get used to things or If I played with some friends who are equally inept.

In all likelihood, I'd like to say thanks but no thanks.

Guess I'll just have to keep waiting for a traditional LoK game



20th Nov 2013, 19:04
I say give it a bit of time to get used to - you may pick it up.
I've been playing for over a week now and am still absolutely awful.
I'm hoping they will set up games/plays for newbies or people who are not mega-uber-gamers.
When you get a team and/against who have fairly new players then it balances out a bit and is a lot more enjoyable. :D

20th Nov 2013, 20:26
It's a great suggestion, to add a practice mode - either just an empty map solo, or bots. Seeing as this is Unreal Engine game, bots should not be a huge problem :)
Than again, it would probably be a waste of time so early in the alpha. Still, a thing to keep in mind for sure!