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9th Jul 2007, 15:54
heyyy i have a question about the anniversary game. i wanted to buy it for ps2 but was wondering if the controls are the same as the original tomb raider or do you have to use the joysticks like in the angel of darkness? i was also wondering if the anniversary is a good remake?

9th Jul 2007, 16:04
i play it on PC, so i can'y answer you at your first question, but second: "if the anniversary is a good remake?" yeas, sucsess remake of original tr!!!

Dark Era
9th Jul 2007, 16:05
TR Anniversary is totally AMAZING!!!!!

About the controller, well, if you have played TR - Legend on the Playstation 2, it's the same so you have to use the joysticks.

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 16:08
It plays the same as legend does.

Tiri Li
9th Jul 2007, 18:53
On the PS2, the controls are basically the same. D-pad is for health packs and weapon changing, analog sticks are for movement and camera movement.

And yes, I consider it to be a sucessful remake,although it is not without it's flaws.