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9th Jul 2007, 15:48
me again... i came to tell you what happend to me and how lara saved my life... when i was yesterday somewhere, i should get home, and i saw in one store on window TRA poster, i thought it is PC game store or something like this... i started to walk streight to the store, and after a few meters i heard something behind me! i turned around and two cars were crashed!! if i did'nt saw lara's posteerr and if i did't get close to the store, i would be between that two cars... unfortunatly, nobody survived, and i didn't go to store, i just runed home to tell everybody what's happened... now i can't think about it anymore!!! i just turned head from bored, and saw poster.... and start to go to the store.... i will never forgoth that!! i would be between that two cars if i din't see a lara... i had lucky because they puted poster on the window, and because eidos and CD maked lara... i'm still shocked..... thank you TOBI GARD, it was your idea for creating lara croft... you saved my life....
i'm still shaking, i can't calm down...

9th Jul 2007, 15:53
the crash was too loud and from that moment i am shaking... and i heard some comentairs, and one second before crash happend i heard that somebody said "MOVE!".... i will never forgoth that... all that happent too fast

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 16:03
Sorry to here that, hope your ok... Another life changed (in this case saved) becasuse of Lara. Thank God

9th Jul 2007, 16:07
that is another reason why is tr game means to me!! and i really feel sorry for people who was in the cars... i had to drink pilules to calm down...

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 16:11
I feel sorry for the people in the accident too. Glad to hear your ok. Take care

9th Jul 2007, 16:21
im not ok, but i am not hurted... thank you... just imagine: yesterday could be my last day! i can't understand.... i had lucky!!! and toby gard need to be proud, he saved one life!

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 16:23
He should be proud, if only he knew your tragic story.

9th Jul 2007, 16:31
he maybe don't know, but he will know it!! this is offical forum, CD read this... he will probably tell him somethin what is he done... he should know!! CD will not just sit and shut up!!! tobi always knew what is good, he is phenomen!!! really!! they should tell him!!!!

9th Jul 2007, 17:58
That's quite a harrowing misadventure. I am very glad you were not injured, and am sad that there were fatalities.

9th Jul 2007, 18:36
i'm sad about that people, too... but thank's to you eidos & CD, i am still alive!! and two minutes ago, i playing tra, and do you know how i felt when i played it again???? it was a highlight of my life, i think!!!
i will not repeat anymore "thank you", but know that i am thank to you for all my future (cd, eidos & tobi gard)!!! i'm sorry if i bring some bad moddy here!!! it will not happen again!!

from now, i'll lok at lara & toby like in god! maybe some of you that sounds funny, but those people bring me a future (when i was kid, i always trusted that the lara is real). now, my dream is to meet tobi, to tell him what i would like to tell him, and someday, my dream will become true!!

Tiri Li
9th Jul 2007, 18:48
That was lucky! I'm glad to hear that you didn't get hurt. I feel sorry for the people in the cars, I hope thier spirits are in a better place now.

Just as well you like TR so much.

9th Jul 2007, 19:04
thank you Tiri Li, and other, you are making me feel better!! now, it's sure that i will be Tomb Raider fan for all my life! and, i have reason why i should trust myself that i am the biggest Tomb Raider fan, in the world... i still didn't hear something like this, my fave hero saved me!! it's incredable how far lara croft become... 11 years ago, she was a conceptual artwork!

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 19:05
If you really want to meat him, mabey oneday you can somehow.

9th Jul 2007, 19:14
i know i will, but now i'am in 16... and i can't go just when i wanna do it!! but someday, when i get older, i will

10th Jul 2007, 18:01
sorry to hear that.

10th Jul 2007, 18:12
i am sorry to hear that:( , im glad you're ok.:)

10th Jul 2007, 18:42
thank you! it was in today's newspaper, but there wasn't my picture, and anything about me!! just something like this "two cars get crashed 2 days ago"(i translated this, i'am from serbia, and here it's wroten on serbian "dva automobila su se slupala pre 2 dana")... but now i feel god, when i wrote in upper post, i was totaly shocked! now im fine :)

10th Jul 2007, 20:01
now im fine :)


12th Jul 2007, 14:09
man thats bad! well we all love lara shes great and i wish i had her moves and body and that i could just go anywhere and have a massive house lol :o :cool: :thumbsup: