View Full Version : Legend Mobile..?

9th Jul 2007, 04:39
How do we get it onto our phones?

I visited www.eidosmobile.com

But it only showed pictures and the manual... it didn't say how we get it...

Please help me.

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 15:36
If you cant find Mobile Legend any where, then mabey call up a directory line to Eidos and explain your problem.

lara lady
14th Aug 2007, 01:04
You go where you get ALL you other games. And look for TRL thats how its listed. And if they DON'T have it I would recomend calling.Its really hard in mobile&& the PC virson! I give people who play there games like that CREDIT! i would gave absolutly positvley no hair left on my head!

Love, Lara Lady