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9th Jul 2007, 01:31
Not a TRA question in the strictest sense, but here goes...

I've been with the TR series from the beginning. I LOVED adventuring in caves in TR. I owned TR, TR2, and TR3 for PSX. Got them all for PC once I had one, along with the expansions, TR4, TR5, and TR6. Two got away from tombs and into more cityscape type scenarios, which I didn't care for. Still a GREAT game. Three was more of the same, and worse as I didn't at all care for the pick your order feature. Last Revelation was sort of a return to the roots, which I appreciated. Didn't much care for the combining of objects and re-entering levels, but still a refreshing revival of what I enjoyed in the series. Chronicles, it doesn't much matter my opinion as it wasn't meant to be long or anything. I enjoyed it well enough. Part way into Angle of Darkness, I stopped playing. We were back to cityscapes and while I REALLY liked the idea of her having to avoid multiple assailants, presumed guilty while innocent, etc, something about the game just left me feeling cheated to the point of not getting very far into it at all before I put it down. The trailers for Legend were remarkable, yet I never bothered to get it.

So therein lies the question. I LOVE TRA. Do you guys think I would enjoy reinstalling TR6 and getting TR7? Reinstalling TR6 would be the easy part since I already have it. TR7 however would be in an engine I love, but with my biggest pet peeve of all the civilization stages (from what I've seen). Any input welcome, but preferably from those that have been challenged by the series and likewise see themselves returning to it.

9th Jul 2007, 01:54
Play Legend just because you haven't done it yet. You'll probably find it easier than TRA. Also--if you're into it--the story is a good one. The subject matter may come up in TR8. If you were paying attention in TRA in the opening cut scene in Greece, Lara's father's voice-over mentions he wants to find out what happened to his wife/Lara's mother. Legend shows you what happened to her. And I think the extras are better in Legend than TRA. More outfits. I kept going back and playing even after the time trials, after getting every extra, but then again, it was the new Lara Croft. I think you should play that one at least.

As for AOD. Eh. It was okay at the time, well, because there was no other TR game. If you didn't finish it, then maybe go back and see what you think. The most you can get out of it is to say you played and finished every single game.

Below Zero
9th Jul 2007, 02:21
I say play Legend only because its got a good storyline and is worth at least playing once. I think its a great game for many reasons, but one is because there is a variety in levels. Some people like that and others dont, But dont let stop you from playing, give it a chance.

John Carter
9th Jul 2007, 02:26
I bought every TR game, yet the first one I ever really liked enough to finish first time out was TR 4. Then, having gotten hooked on TR, I went back and played the first three and was happy I did.

Legend is definitely worth your time (and with your rapid game-playing ability it wouldn't take long). I actually sort of liked AoD, although it is my least favorite TR game. If you are into the TR storyline, though, you must play Legend, because TRA Lara has obviously been retooled to fit into the Legend storyline, which is interesting enough for me to be looking forward to the next chapter to see what happens.

9th Jul 2007, 02:38
I thought Angel of Darkness was an underated game and my opinion of it was higher than that of the critics. However, your opinion of the game is probably not going to change! If you did not like it then you probably will not now. I recently dusted off my copy of Tombraider 3 and tried to play it for the first time in about 8-9 yrs. At the time I gave up half way through it because I missed the lack of Tombs, too any urban locations etc. Playing it again, the same happened again: I gave up. Still, since you still own the game it won't harm to give it a try.

Tomb Raider Legend I encourage you to buy. A great game, as mentioned, it is easier than anniversary and the urban locations are not bad too! Again it has a gripping story and it was the first game since the first one I wanted to play again. Also, if you intend to play Legend 2, its best to familierise yourself with the story as it will be a continuation:)

9th Jul 2007, 03:00
I thought Angel of Darkness was an underated game and my opinion of it was higher than that of the critics. However, your opinion of the game is probably not going to change!Oh, I'm not so sure. See, I'm a gaming prude. I only have a few games/series I play and TR is one of them. But I never felt the games were all that replayable. So much so that I can go years before picking one back up. Now that I've played TRA though, I just can't seem to get enough. I've got the TR fire and you know what they say: Strike while the iron is hot ;)

Thanks everybody for the fast response. Though each post so far has been helpful, I think Ridster's spoke to me the most. I liked the TRA engine, so Legend will probably be enjoyable too. And with my passion for the series reignited, I'm almost sure to want to play Legend 2. Though I don't think it being easier is a selling point at all because with the exception of the complexity of some puzzles the FIRST time (and the mystery of HOW to conquer the Centaurs), I found TRA to be rather easy. My biggest concern was Legend's placement in civilized type settings.

Who knows? Maybe I'll fire up AOD just for completeness as Hippie mentioned. I just seem to be more focused on TRA hacking possibilities, a visual walkthrough, etc.

9th Jul 2007, 10:46
Hmm I also prefer to play in actual tombs, but with TR:L... I liked the Japan level very much and replayed it a few times :) To be honest only 2 levels are 100% "civilized" - Japan and Kazakhstan.

Tomb Radar
9th Jul 2007, 11:00
Finishing Legend made me a Tomb Raider fan. I can highly recommend you get it. :thumbsup:

9th Jul 2007, 11:36
I played TRA as my first TR game (not really but I only played a little part of TR 1 and 3 and never really got into it)

I loved TRA so much, that I bought the TR pack with 1 -6
But the controls, especially not being able to use the mouse, makes it
impossible for me to play and/or enjoy them.

So I bought Legend, which didn't interest me before, for the same
reasons you gave, the human enemy's and reading about how short it was.
I don't care at all for city stages too, but so far I'm enjoying Legend, in spite off the human enemy's and Japan
and the little town in Kazakhstan.
They weren't bad at all really.

It is much easier as TRA and the levels are over quite fast :(
But I'm having fun and that's what matters. It also looks great, in some
places just stunning! Secondary to me, but still nice.
I don't regret buying Legend, and since it's cheap now I'd say, give it a go!

Mangar The Dark
9th Jul 2007, 13:06
MOST of Legend takes place in cave/tomb-like environments. Yes, there are a couple of modern locales, but they're quite enjoyable anyway since they provide a change of pace. I'm not generally a fan of modern locales in TR, but in Legend, I had fun with them.

The biggest problem with Legend is that it is VERY linear. You always know exactly where to go next. The format of each level is basically, "Enter room with puzzle, solve puzzle, progress to next room." Oh, and of course, you'll have to shoot a bunch of mercs on the way. TRA opened things up a bit more.

Still, since you haven't played Legend, I'd definitely recommend it, especially since you're a fan of TRA. Some things are actually better in Legend (bullet time attack mode instead of adrenaline dodge, for example, and the plot is developed better), though overall, TRA is the better game.

9th Jul 2007, 13:58
I quit playing Legend because of the urban stuff and bought TRA. After I finished TRA I went and played Legend. I ended up enjoying the urban stuff plenty.

I could do without motorcycle chases though. They were fun I guess, but...meh.

9th Jul 2007, 14:25
I never liked the urbanization trend in the TR games, although I played TR2 first and I think they got the perfect mix of tomb:civilized ratio (even Venice had a classically remote feel to it), but I still prefer the way it is in TR1/Anniversary. I much prefer playing Lara in her natural environment than decked out in some hi-tech duds dodging lasers in the middle of New York City as if it were some kind of Splinter Cell mission. :rolleyes: I don't play those games. I play Tomb Raider. :D

I also don't really care much for vehicles (that !#$*% snowmobile in TR2 has traumatized me for life) and I remember watching helplessly as my brother played the train chasing sequences in Legend. I plan to finish all the rest of the TR games regardless of any of this, but I'm definitely not looking to those. I just know I'll get stuck on them. Just give me some good old-fashioned jumping puzzles, please.

Sooo off-topic, but it has been on my mind recently and I needed to vent a little. Carry on. :whistle:

9th Jul 2007, 16:16
Hey, motor chases weren't that bad;) I failed both in Peru and in Kazakhtan at the first try, but it gets easier once you get a grip on it. And I LOVED the music in the background!

Mangar The Dark
9th Jul 2007, 16:32
Hey, motor chases weren't that bad;) I failed both in Peru and in Kazakhtan at the first try, but it gets easier once you get a grip on it. And I LOVED the music in the background!

I loved the motorcycle chases! They were the only time in the TR series that riding a vehicle was actually FUN. Plus, it added a bit of variety to the game.

9th Jul 2007, 17:16
I have a soft spot in my heart for the AOD storyline, but I recently tried to play it again, and it was just too frustrating. The learning curve for the bad controls is just too steep, and, as you say, Paris is a complete and pointless bore. The horrible slowdowns on the PS2 made me feel like I was watching Baywatch. Some levels of AOD feel like Tomb Raider, but anytime you can lay down during the final boss fight, something has gone horribly wrong. :D The game is like Bennigan's menu---tries to do too many things and doesn't do any of them very well.

Legend was also a huge disappointment because it wasn't Tomb Raider either. Straight pipe level design, mercenary overload and answers in your ear. You won't get lost or wonder what your supposed to be doing because the cut scene du moment is guaranteed to spell it out for you. Some of the platforming is enjoyable, but the path is really laid out for you. Sure, there's "tombs," but don't get too excited because you don't get to explore much. To a much greater extent than Anniversary, Lara is programmed out of areas. She scales a mountain in the opening movie, but a five foot pile of rubble in Nepal is beyond her. :confused: I kept waiting for this game to feel like Tomb Raider, and it never did. It owes more to God of War than the original Tomb Raider.

Neither of these games was very fun in a Tomb Raider way, but Legend at least works.

9th Jul 2007, 19:31
In regards to Legend, heed this advice from Nike:

Just Do It

9th Jul 2007, 20:10
Legend is worthy of your playing.

Yet, I find it lack of tombs, and too many fights are a downer.
Still, the game is fantastic. CD did a great job taking over. :)