View Full Version : Obelisk Of Khamoon : Help

8th Jul 2007, 17:18
Well , I got three of the bridges down & collected all the things to have to collect at each end of the bridge. But theres one bridge i can't get down, because I can't find the lever for it. Its the only bridge that don't have a door behind it. I looked everywhere, but I can't find the lever. Can someone please help ! where is the lever ??

8th Jul 2007, 18:09
You're talking about the bridge to the scarab. On the left of the pic below, you'll see the entrance to the hall with the scarab artwork. This bridge will be down when you pull the ankh switch at the top of this room, which you already have. Follow that through and you'll end up in a room with three Atlantean creatures at the bottom of it. Once they're cleared out (or before, if you can manage it), climb up to the doorway on the right side of the pic. The switch is down that challenging hallway.