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8th Jul 2007, 10:06
Hellp ppl,

Please, i need a big help here. Where can i found the patches for thief 2 from v. 1.0 to 1.07? the reason im asking is, i got the game from a friend, which is version 1.0, and I wish to install the patch 1.18, but need the 1.07 installed b4. I did a yahoo, and google search and couldnt fint the 1.07 patch anywhere. Have been at the several unofficial sites and none has the damn patch. Someone has a link or the file to send me?

Any help would be deeply appreciate.


8th Jul 2007, 18:15
The original Thief 2 came out as 1.07. I have never heard of 1.00. Try running Thief 2 and then hitting the "pause/break" key to escape to desktop. What does the icon in the task bar say?

I hate to say this, but to cover all bases, might you have Thief 3 (Deadly Shadows) instead of Thief 2 (The metal age)?

8th Jul 2007, 18:19
hello Peter,

Thx for replying. but i solved the problem. another thread said something about the premier patch, then i thought, why not try it? i happened it works. Thx again for the attention.

Moderator may consider this thread closed plz.

Again thx.


17th Jul 2008, 02:18
ok here it is Thief deadly shadows works great on my win xp computer but I raised the specs on my newer comp and all meets the requirements of the game Should be no reason that it shouldn't work unfortunetly on Vista Basic it does not run. how do i fix this?

28th Oct 2008, 01:32
I bought a computer in 2000 and T2 came with it. The ReadMe file says at the top:

Thief 2: The Metal Age Readme
August 17th 2000
Version 1.0a

PLEASE NOTE. Please do not attempt to patch this version of Thief 2. The version of Thief 2 included on this CD is the most up to date there is. Any attempt to patch it may result in the need to reinstall the game.

I was wondering if I needed up update to 1.07 to get the update to 1.18 myself, but I guess now I will try to download the Permier patch instead and see if that will do anything for me.

The 1.0a might have been shipped as a bundled with system version? Dunno.
Just FYI.