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6th Jul 2007, 18:02
Now I'm passed statue Midas and I'm in some water room. It looks like a sewer. I put the heavy wooden stones on the platforms and now the gates are down. But I don't know what to do next. What does is help if the gates are down? Please help me! And sorry if i ask A LOT of stupid questions :D


Tomb Radar
6th Jul 2007, 18:43
You need to flood the pool area where you put the wooden box thingies.

6th Jul 2007, 18:59
Now the gates are down you flood the lower section. Grapple the wooden pallett and drag it across the water , over the lowered gates and up the sluiceway, so that when you flood the upper section, the pallett is adjascent to the room exit doorway. With the upper section flooded, swim to the pallett, hop onto it , jump to the exit landing and away.

Tiri Li
7th Jul 2007, 08:45
Once both gates are open, you need the flood the lower section, which means getting out of the lower area. If you look at where the poles and grapple points are, you should see how to get out.

Once up, flood the lower area using the lever. Now you have a raft that you need to grapple to the two water channels. Unfortunately, I don't have a screentshot to shwo you what I mean, but it is the area that looks like this:
___ _____
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|_| |_|

Meh, bad drawing. the raft needs to go right down to the bottom of the right channel (as you face it as in the drawing) DON'T stop short or you will have problems XD

Good luck on figuring out what to do after.

7th Jul 2007, 15:04
Thanks! :)

7th Jul 2007, 17:48
Hey sorry to hijack your thread but I have a problem. In the room where you have to drain the water after the Midas statue I have pushed both crates down but the weird thing is I see no gate over the wooden raft. But the raft doesn't float up so its like the gate is invisible, and everytime I put the block on the pressure pad thats supposed to free the raft, Lara stops moving/responding.

I can get the inventory to work and I still hear game sounds and can go to the menu, so its not locked up. But no matter what I do, Lara won't move, or let go of the crate or anything. Has anyone ever encountered this and does anyone know how to fix it? Because I can't get past this point in the game with this bug and I could really use some help. Thanks in advance.

7th Jul 2007, 17:59
You're not the first to express this issue. Use one of my savegames to get passed this point. That worked for the other two who had this problem.

7th Jul 2007, 18:03
Which one should I use because I don't want to get to far ahead.