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5th Jul 2007, 19:46
Credits to Alex Fly from the TombRaiderforums.com (www.tombraiderforums.com) for finding this out;):D:thumbup:

Nintendo Power has recently published an article about the Wii version of Anniversary, remember :

(Thanks to Grenade who has taken this screenshot)

and after hoping to see some scans or a readable version of it, recently the website gameluv.com has posted the first details and the images of this article. :)


So, here are the first informations about the Wii version of Tomb Raider Anniversary :

Wii Remote and Nunchuk control.
Free aim with Wii Remote.
On-screen cursor becomes a flashlight beam you can contract and expand by tilting the Remote to search for secrets and clues. Crystal Dynamics is reworking some areas of the game to put the flashlight to better use.
Flick Nunchuk to dodge and speed up climbing/shimmying.
Flick Nunchuk to deploy grappling hook.
Use the Remote to make charcoal rubbings of artifacts, draw symbols in sand to solve puzzles, and tinker with ancient Rube Goldberg mechanisms.
"It's always hard for us to say that one will be the definitive version because we're working with all the people who are doing the other versions, too. But we're all so excited by the Wii in general that we want to make this the version that people really want to check out", says Tim Longo, the game's Creative Lead at Crystal Dynamics.

Scans of the images :


=> the complete article with the impressions of the author on gameluv.com (http://www.gameluv.com/index.php/b/2007/06/29/p376#more376)


It looks awesome:D!! I just wish our default version could've been like this:( This was what was missing in Anniversary....DARKNESS.....if they re-release a GREATEST HITS version and updated the graphics and features on the PS2/PC, I'd DEFINITELY GET IT. It's a matter of updating and putting it on GREATEST HITS (though I'm not sure if this will cost some deal of money...some games have done this move and it even sold well)but then again, if I'm getting a Wii, might as well go for it otherwise for those who adores their Ps2 version like me. PC should have a major patch update...doubt it'd happen though.

5th Jul 2007, 20:01
Hi, I just joined the Forum, and I think that Tomb Raider will always be the best mystery advanture game :thumbsup: .

and the creators keep amazing us with each version of the game, and realy you can't imagine whats next.

I mean wall jump and balancing on the logs!! wawo:lmao:

5th Jul 2007, 20:16
Hey welcome to the forum:):D And yes indeed Tomb Raider will not only be great at those elements but it'll always be in me - my heart:D I'm definitely getting this version...even if I don't have a Wii yet - just to ensure:rolleyes: Wonder what the retail price would be now...

Below Zero
6th Jul 2007, 01:41
First of all, Welcome "Lara-in-peace" to the fourms

Second of all, When i first heard about TRA being on the wii, I was like uhh...eek:eek: , not sure if it would be as good on the wii as it was on the PC, PS2, and Xbox, But if Eidos can acomplish TRA being as good with the wii like on the other platforms, then kodos to them