View Full Version : Stuck with wall run St Francis Folly

5th Jul 2007, 09:41
I am the Damocles door in St Francis Folly. Am at sloped ledge at back of room. Supposed to grapple and wall run to either L shaped platform. When I try to go to the right one and jump off the wall run Lara doesnt reach the platform?? Says can go either way but dont know how to go to the platform to the left. I am on PC can anyone help with this one?? What am I doing wrong???:mad2:

5th Jul 2007, 10:18
I am on PCPlatform won't matter.

For that particular wall run, Lara grapples it at a point where her rope is pretty long. Once you've grappled, hold Interact and up for a second to shorten the rope. Now you should have no problem.

Tomb Radar
5th Jul 2007, 11:03
You just have to time it so you jump before you reach the maximum height of the run. As soon as she starts to slow down you should jump. :)

Or you could move up the rope a bit.

5th Jul 2007, 19:25
this is the CORRECT WAY:
run along the wall, the instant lara turns to run the other way, hold left and jump. simple

5th Jul 2007, 19:27
We're not talking about a wall jump. Even if we were, you can't say left because it would be relative to the camera's position.

5th Jul 2007, 19:48
But he/she's talking about that infamous hard jump in Damocles right:confused:?

If that's the case, remeber to also HOLD MANUAL GRAB if it is turn on AND to move immediately once you land on the edge of the pillar 'cause if you don't, she'll just buggily fall:mad2:

Trust me this wall-run is a piece of cake;)

5th Jul 2007, 21:33
But he/she's talking about that infamous hard jump in Damocles right:confused:?No. Sloped edge... L shaped ledges... This is the very back wall of the Damocles area. I always make it on my first jump, but it IS almost by hitting her head every time. That's why I think just shortening the rope a bit is all that's needed.

6th Jul 2007, 01:41
O that part..my bad I read about the L thing but I thought he/she still meant about that jump since it is kinda of an L..sorry anyway:(

6th Jul 2007, 03:09
what i do , especially on that one, is make sure the cammera is facing the wall then you are gonna have to hit backwards to make her jump back. then almost when she is at the top of the run, let go of all directional keys, mash back, then quickly jump

6th Jul 2007, 04:24
Not talking about a wall jump. Here's a pic for those who aren't sure what's being discussed.