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5th Jul 2007, 09:20
My apologies for the CODE tags. It's the only way to keep the info organized and easy to read. I've just gone through a long bout of swapping profiles around, etc, TRYING to disprove my own findings as well as sort out what is caused by what. This is what I found.

category/unlockable what to do/where to find

Style Units all eight Relics


Art Galleries
Origins of Lara three Peru Artifacts
Box Art six Peru Artifacts
Peru all Peru Artifacts
Kid three Egypt Artifacts
Kold seven Egypt Artifacts
Egypt all Egypt Artifacts
Pierre four Greece Artifacts
Game seven Greece Artifacts
Greece all Greece Artifacts
Lost Island three Lost Island Artifacts
Doppleganger seven Lost Island Artifacts
Natla all Lost Island Artifacts
Atlantean Creatures pass Final Conflict
Items and Artifacts any two Relics
Other Characters any four Relics
Promotional Materials four Croft Manor Artifacts
TR1 vs TRA Peru both Peru Relics
TR1 vs TRA Greece both Greece Relics
TR1 vs TRA Egypt both Egypt Relics
TR1 vs TRA Lost Island both Lost Island Relics

Character Bios
Lara any four Artifacts
Larson any eight Artifacts
Kid any 11 Artifacts
Kold any 15 Artifacts
Pierre any 18 Artifacts
Winston any 22 Artifacts
Natla any 26 Artifacts
Doppleganger any 29 Artifacts
Richard Croft any 33 Artifacts

Legend 1st Peru Relic
Doppleganger 2nd Lost Island Relic
Camouflage 1st Egypt Relic
Golden 2nd Greece Relic
Croft Manor Sport 1st Greece Relic
Classic 2nd Peru Relic
Wetsuit 1st Lost Island Relic
Catsuit 2nd Egypt Relic
Scorched Natla all eight Relics

Killer Whale Bottle Mountain Caves
Kero Mug Lost Valley
Athenian Owl Figurine Midas's Palace
Griffin-Head Protome Midas's Palace
Mummified Cat Temple of Khamoon
Horus Idol Sanctuary of the Scion
Chalice of Torment Natla's Mines
Torc of Embitterment Great Pyramid



Show Enemy Health pass all Peru Time Trials
Infinite 50 Ammo pass all Peru Time Trials
Infinite Shotgun Ammo pass all Greece Time Trials
All Weapons pass all Greece Time Trials
Infinite Uzi Ammo pass all Egypt Time Trials
Infinite Health pass all Egypt Time Trials
Silver Uzis pass all Lost Island Time Trials
Golden Shotgun pass all Lost Island Time Trials
Textureless Mode pass Final Conflict
Infinite Breath pass Final Conflict
Sunglasses pass Final Conflict

* Cinematics, Musics, and Commentaries (as well as Replay
Level and Time Trial) for ALL levels in an area are
unlocked by completing the last level of an area. You do
NOT need to complete each level individually (for those
using my savegames). Special thanks to Sunbeam for his
TRAFly program that made the testing process take a
fraction of the time it normally would.

As a matter of clarification, in outfits, when it says 1st and 2nd relics, it means that you collect, not that are available. So if you miss the relic in Mountain Caves, but grab the Lost Valley one, you will unlock Legend because it's the 1st Peru relic you collected even though it was the 2nd one available. As always, any comments are welcome. I usually say suggestions as well, but this is pretty exhaustive.

I just realized that I forgot to specify that in the Character Bios, when it says any X artifacts, that is NOT including Croft Manor artifacts. CM artifacts only contribute to the Promotional Materials Art Gallery.

10th Jul 2007, 15:44
With all the false information out there and all the questions about what unlocks what, I thought for sure this wouldn't be a wasted endeavor :(

Mrs Croft
10th Jul 2007, 16:05
Thank you so much! :)

10th Jul 2007, 20:58
Any massive information dumb categorized into neat little lists gets my appreciation. :thumbsup: :D Thanks for the tremendous effort you put into it, Demarest.

Since it's a complete guide, perhaps you should also make a note as to how to use the cheats/commentaries in-game once you've unlocked them. Most people know by now, but it helps having all the information in one place. :)

13th Jul 2007, 16:21
thanks Demarest for that, now i don't have to wander around aimlessly to get all the secrets:D

14th Jul 2007, 13:21
u know the infinite health cheat? does it work for those (almost) never ending pits? id love to explore the bottom of those like the dream i had about it...