View Full Version : Stuck In Midas's Palace . Someone Please Help !

4th Jul 2007, 20:04
Well , I Just found the second lead bar , from the room downstairs where you have to destroy the 3 posts holding up the pillar, but now im stuck right after that. I came back into the upstairs room, & everything is destroyed. I see that theres ropes & grapple hooks around, so i know you have to get up somewhere, but I don't know where ! I cant find any ledges i can jump up to & I can't reach the grapple hooks !. can someone please tell me what to do or where to go !? .. thanks

Tomb Radar
4th Jul 2007, 20:20
Go through the doorway at ground level and go up the stairs to your left. You'll end up on a ledge overlooking the room with the sand piles. Theres a block to the right that you can jump on. :)