View Full Version : Sugesstion for the makers of the game

4th Jul 2007, 16:39
The game seems very nice and i can't wait to play it. But i got a sugesstion :
like in the hitman games there was a great assortment of melee weapons in the game,it would be great to ad this in K&L to .For instance i've seen some screenshots of K&L and there was a Katana on the background. You know what i mean ;)
Sorry if my english isn't so great

The Hessian Horseman
25th Jul 2007, 04:11
No offence, mate, but you seem to not have noticed yet, that Kane & Lynch is outspeeding the Hitman series by far. In most of the ingame scenes to be seen by now, the action appears to be inescapable due to a certain point of a level or so. In far quicker sequences, the intense actionscenes obviously occur. So why would anyone want to take along a katana?
There's even a limitation to *one* big weapon/rifle, as far as I know - and discarding away a rifle in exchange for a sword sounds completely potty to me ... though I could imagine, Lynch doing so :P

But, hey, let's see, what someone competent has to say about your idea, huh ;) ?

Kind regards,

Hessian Horseman

11th Aug 2007, 22:05
Having a katana as a starting melee weapon wouldn't make any sense whatsoever. A dagger, a fighting knife, or basically everything that can be hidden under clothing that can be used when you run out of ammo or for a sneak attack, that would make sense however.

From what I've seen the environment is pretty interactive, so maybe it's possible to grab a katana sitting on a desk or mounted on a wall in the Tokyo level. Even if it's very much useless against rifles at a distance.