View Full Version : tomb of Tihocan

4th Jul 2007, 13:54
I know this problem has been posted before but there was no answer to it so I thought that if I explain it again maybe someone can help me out.On the lower level cistern I push the crate onto rhe pressure pad for the gate, it shows cutscene of gate openning, then I go to other crate and push it on pad and it goes to the cutscene showing the raft to be freed up then shifts to Lara and stays on her,all controls quit working except tab,the game isn't frozen in that she still is shifting around and acting bored you know streching bending her back but she won't jump,walk toss grapple nothing.I have tried reloading earlier save and doing the level in diff way but same results, stuck in cutscene.I have also followed Stella's walkthrough step for step.