View Full Version : Programme Crash End Santuary of Scion

David spittle
4th Jul 2007, 12:42
Can anyone help with a crash i'm getting at the end of Egypt, Sanctuary of the Scion

Ive just completed the end of this level (the end room with the Relic, 65% complete) and this then cuts through to the clip of Lara picking of this part of the Scion and leaves the crumbling room to the Canyon.

Then it tries to load the next level and every time it'll just have about 10% on the load bar when it crashes to the desktop,

It states a Fatal error - disk error, the disk has been swopped over but still does the same, up untill this point i've had no tech problems at all

Any suggestions?, to make matters worse I've no modem to download updates

Anyone else had this problem?

18th Jul 2007, 22:30
I've just recently had the same problem, or something close to it. When I get the last piece of the scion, it shows the cutscene of Lara running out of the caves, then having a vision of the gods of Atlantis. Partway through, this cutscene goes all screwy (both sound and graphics) and the screen displays the message "invalid subtitle data." I have to skip the cinematic to continue. From there, I can do the action sequence with Lara beating up Natla's henchmen, no problem. Immediately after that, the game loads about 10% of whatever comes next and then crashes completely. I updated my drivers and cleared out my RAM to make the game run smoothly in the first place, and I never have this problem with any of the other cutscenes. Any ideas?

19th Jul 2007, 15:11
if you's have xfire running stop it and try again, I had a similar issue.