View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Glitched Team Selection

19th Nov 2013, 23:54
I had just finished playing as Humans then I tried to play as Vampire and when I picked my class and clicked play my camera was stuck in a fixed part of the area and I couldn't select anything or get the menu to open up. I also could only use ESC key to leave. I believed it happened in NA game.

20th Nov 2013, 01:08
Do you have more information.

Posting in this format would help to even make it more clear.

(if you have a screenshot you could use the mail adres inside if not that please don't, els they are getting spammed (They already get to much mails from me)

I noticed you could use the ESC key to leave. Then use that as a temp fix.
Next time this happens please create a screenshot.
And follow the steps provided in the link above.

Thanks for playing and reporting. (it might be a lag issue or server issue, that is what I guess)