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Cyber Mantis
4th Jul 2007, 03:13
In Lara's mansion the room where she keeps all the relics in glass display cases. For some reason some of the relics I found glow and spin while others stay stationary.

The ones that dont glow seem to be the ones I found in level replay while others found during the main game glow and spin. I even found a video on youtube where another person showing the same room and relics like the killer whale jar are glowing in his while that is frozen in mine.

Is this a glitch or done to so what ones you got without replaying a level? Anyone eles notice this?

BTW im playing the PS2 version

4th Jul 2007, 04:01
I've noticed that too, although I managed to fill it up without replaying any levels since I got all the relics the first time around, so I don't think it's that. Only the two I found in Peru glow. I suspect it might have something to do with getting them before I completed the Manor, since when I went to totally replay the Manor level and got into this room, they were all glowing.

Then again I could be completely wrong. :D

I can't remember which of them were glowing when I actually picked them up in game, but I don't think it was all of them. :scratch:

4th Jul 2007, 04:10
That actually sounded like a great theory. But I just checked my default profile and all were glowing and spinning. I had missed one of them and had to collect it in replay.

Cyber Mantis
4th Jul 2007, 04:21
Thats weird boots my peru ones dont glow but my eygpt ones glow and come to think of it the two ones I got in Atlantis stages dont glow yet Im sure I got them on my first play through since I never replayed those stages yet.

Its even weirder that Demarest has all of his relics glowing :confused:

4th Jul 2007, 04:28
same here im on pc version though. i got all my relics and arties the first go around since i knew i'd be playing again for time trial ( although i didnt know that i could not save again and that time trial had to be chosen as an option, LOL)

they all glow and spin or what not. does anyone else use steam version? steam is ultimately gay but i got the game for cheap.

Cyber Mantis
4th Jul 2007, 20:32
Well I reset the mansion level and now all my artifacts are in their full glowing glory :D

Must have just been a glitch.

BTW anyone know whats up with the glowing spear in her trophy room? Is that the spear of destiny?

4th Jul 2007, 20:36
It's the spear you have to use for the clock puzzle down in the garden, I have no idea if it's called the Spear of Destiny though :rolleyes: :p

Tomb Radar
4th Jul 2007, 20:47
All of mine are glowing. Croft Manor was the first level I completed and I got all of the relics without replaying levels. :)