View Full Version : TRA PC sales info? PS2 version sold 100,000 in week 1.

4th Jul 2007, 00:07


OK, supposedly it's 96,500 in three weeks, not one.

Does anyone know how to find sales info for the PC version? Judging by the number of PC users in this forum, I'd say PC has outsold the PS2 version so far.

According to VGChartz, Anniversary has sold 100,000 as of 6/12 - it's first full week in release. That's North America only. No idea on Asia or Europe.

Supposedly NPD always tracks PC sales, but they don't make exact sales numbers available for public viewing. Someone else has to pay for the data and then publish it.

And wow... old outdated Gameboy Advance outsold the PS3 last week! That must hurt.

4th Jul 2007, 00:14
i reckon that the ps2 would outsell the PC many more people like the controler to to play and if u want to play TRA on the pc you have to have a good graphics card etc

4th Jul 2007, 15:48
well judging how many PC users from an internet forum would be a little skewed because just about every person with a PC to play games has internet access LOL, but every console user does not.....

but I would not be surprised if PC outsells consoles at this point, due to improved graphics and ease of changes.

4th Jul 2007, 19:14
Well don't forget those who illegally download:( they effect the sales, too.

And yeah I can't find any data on North American sales at all but to hear it sold so much in one week - did it sell faster than Legend did:confused:?

5th Jul 2007, 06:20
Actually, the first week sales for PS2 was only 48,000 since I made a mistake with the title of this post.

Now that I look over VGChartz.com, TRA is no longer on the list, even for the debut week. It's been removed. I wonder why? Sales through June 10th no longer show TRA at all.