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3rd Jul 2007, 21:41
I am new to Tomb Raider and this is the 1st one I have ever bought.
I'm still trying to get used to it so I'm stuck already on the 1st level!!!
I keep trying to use the grappling hook to swing on the ring but everytime I do it just keeps flying back at me. How do I get it to actually grab the ring so I can swing?

3rd Jul 2007, 21:49
You need to be close enough to the ring for it to grapple properly, which usually means jumping towards it. When you're at the height of the jump arc, hit the grapple button. It should attach automatically.

edit: If you're in the Peru caves, I believe there's a slope just before the grapple ring. You can slide on that a little, and then jump off. Just make sure you jump before she hits the bottom of the slope. ;)

3rd Jul 2007, 21:52
Yeah, you can't use the grapple on the ground, you need to be in the air.

Tiri Li
4th Jul 2007, 10:08
First of all,welcome to the forums and the Tomb Raider series.

Now,about grappling. When theres something you can grapple,you should see a symbol (and an arrow if it's off the screen). This means that you can grapple it,but only while in the air. So run towards it, jump, and hit the grapple button. It should attack automatically.