View Full Version : MISC. When is next patch coming?

19th Nov 2013, 21:53
When is the next patch coming? with bug fixes.

19th Nov 2013, 22:18
There have been 3 or so patches (that I saw steam load) since the last one we got Patch Notes for. And some of them broke a few things (Grouping).

It'd be nice to get regular patch notes, even if it doesn't really affect us much. Just to see if that one bug we found is fixed now - or supposed to be fixed.

19th Nov 2013, 22:28
well thats why i also want to see new patch notes for every patch cause i want to know if my problem is fixed.

20th Nov 2013, 00:56
I will keep my threads updated with the older patch notes.
Untill now I had 3.

And there have been more patches.
I think Monkey is trying everything in his power to get patches but i think it is sometimes hard for him to get that information.

If they fix one thing I understand there will be no patch notes.
But when there are more things changed/fixed I would love to see a patch notes that also inclused previous changes that never had been noted. (Each time a bigger patch note instead of 100 patch notes with 1 fix).