View Full Version : New Karima Graphic

3rd Jul 2007, 08:59
hey i made this tell me wat you think!


3rd Jul 2007, 09:23
Very nice.I like it.

3rd Jul 2007, 09:37
thanks heaps.. i make graphics btw which include signatures, Blends, Wallpapers, and layouts.

Below Zero
4th Jul 2007, 23:43
Awsome, Good job

5th Jul 2007, 01:25
thanks heaps!!!

Captain Mazda
5th Jul 2007, 04:09
You would yield better results rendering stock images and creating your own backgrounds. As well, the lens flare looks like it's protruding from her arm and not from a light source behind her.

5th Jul 2007, 05:06
the light was actually already in the pic

Captain Mazda
5th Jul 2007, 07:14
The stock on the right looks fan-made in that case. There's even a chunk of her bicep missing.