View Full Version : won't let me install blood money!!! :(

generic lad
2nd Jul 2007, 01:12
I just bought the Hitman Trilogy pack. When I try to install Blood Money, (version 1.1), an ATI driver installer appears. When it tries to install the driver, it says "INF Error. driver cannot be found." and then "Try using a standard VGA setup in your display adapter during Setup."

I just installed a brand new ATI Radeon X1650 PRO video card, along with the latest ATI Catalyst driver. Why the heck can't I install blood money!?!?

generic lad
2nd Jul 2007, 01:22
I tried installing Silent Assassin and Contracts and got the same error message with them that I did with Blood Money. What the heck.

5th Jul 2007, 05:14
What operating system have you got? Vista?

20th Sep 2007, 05:55
Then I press install on hitman 2 main window it just stops and in a while that window disapears without starting to install.No crashes on PC.My Laptop is Compaq PRESARIO F500 1.6Ghz duo core, 2GB RAM, GeForce go 6100 and operating sistem is VISTA.I tired to run installation on my desktop PC on windows XP and it runs without problems.