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1st Jul 2007, 17:07
Please help i am in japan ,have jumped on to other roof with bike and grappled to other building have been on all 3 levals have grappled and tilted computer screen but still cant find the way forward am new to this please help!!!!!!!!

Tiri Li
2nd Jul 2007, 07:55
You are not very clear about where you are in japan.

I belive you are in the room with the giant tv- am I correct?

2nd Jul 2007, 13:17
Could you tell us where are you because we can't help you.

2nd Jul 2007, 18:25
If you're in the room with TV, you have to jump on it (from the left stairs I think). If you've passed it and you are outside, you have to start climbing on the right.

Below Zero
4th Jul 2007, 23:51
If in the room with the big t.v., then you have to grapple the t.v. and make it tilt. Then you activate accurate aim(R3 if playing on the ps2) and shoot the two hooks on each side of the t.v. to make it fall and for you to be able to pass.

19th Jul 2007, 09:54
Hi Bubblenic38!

The screen topples, but only after you shoot out the shiny rings attach. 2 some ropes (Top LHS & RHS)

Only have info on Ps2 function. Select "Auto Aim" = R3 (RHS Toggle - click dwn) position crosshair ring thingy on targets and shoot as per norm. (R2)

Deactivate "Auto aim" by clicking R3 again...........

Pull screen over mag. grappler. Access Granted.............Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

16th Aug 2007, 16:21
du u knw how to get the bike aftr we get out of the elevator.....in japan......

16th Aug 2007, 16:51
@ sonuu

Go outside. Blow up the machinery near the door, then use what's left behind to climb up and on to the roof. Use Lara's grapple to open the skylight and drop through. Head down the slope and the bike will be waiting.