View Full Version : System Glitch?

1st Jul 2007, 13:09
Hey, I was almost fininshed with TRA, I only had the last 2 levels to do, and when I exited TRA on my PC and went back on it told me that the autosave has an error and I had to start everything over again. I dont know what happend, I wasnt on the internet and I have programs to keep my registary files in order...

It was very odd to me... or could it just be a system glitch...

1st Jul 2007, 14:34
Its a glitch, provided you manually saved your game before exiting you are fine, start a new game on the same profile then save on a name you have not already used. You can then load your real savegame and continue. If you depended on the autosave though, you are doomed to start all over again.

1st Jul 2007, 18:38
Thanx Aussie
There wont be a next time, I will conquer TRA.:nut: