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1st Jul 2007, 08:37
hi all..i passed to this part very easy when the time comed to kill this 2 i dont have idea so if anyone can tell me how to do it :) tnx all

http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/7638/stuckeddbm7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Shot at 2007-07-01

1st Jul 2007, 08:56

There are many threads covering the centaurs :) .

1st Jul 2007, 13:21
Hey ok I also had problems with these 2.
While they are running in circels around you, you have to keep shooting them, when they try to turn you to stone with there green glow just press the croutch button or left shift on PC after that they will start running again an you must start shooting again one of them will run to you and then you have the chance to preform an adrenaline Dodge if done correctly the centaur will slump down and expose the back side of its shield. Use the grapple to grab the sheil out of his hands. you have to do that with both. When they both lost there shields they would just try to scare you with the glow when they do that run and pick up the one of the shields and hold it, the green glow will reflect on one of them and the centaur will be turned to stone, drop the shield and start shooting at the stone centaur it will only stay like that for a few seconds and then you have to do it again. they wont try to pick up there shields so you can stay close to them to pick them up quikly.

Good luck and happy raiding!:)