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1st Jul 2007, 05:47
Well I decided to try anniversary on my brothers ps3(to see if there is any difference) and it bugged on me! I was playing through the game and got to the lost valley level. So i did everything up to where i get to the tunnel that leads to the bear..well when i climbed over the wall thing and started toward the bear it did a weird thing....the screen turned underwater color and the walls were kind of moving a bit...i thought cool its a bug....so i continue on my way through the level...but there was a strange tune going on...not anything i've heard from this game before(it was quiet but loud enough for me to hear)...i didnt think anything of it though...well after i beat ol' Rexy and got back into the place with the gears and waterfall..i noticed that the sound was beginning to get more weirder!I jumped into the water and i heard these bird/frog noises! It reminded me of oddworld a little bit....so when i got up to the last gear , i decided to see if lara would speak when i clicked on her journal....i clicked on it and it mad the sound of underwater noise.I thought it was weird...so i jumped back in the water to go to the next level...and there were the birds and frogs!(oh and it was weird! cause the noises would speed up the longer i stayed in the water!)...so i went to the next level and the tune from the level before was back and louder in some spotsl. When i would pull a lever to open a door, it would make the sound of water again...it did that for all the doors...well when i got to the cinema the sound was off...there was no sound coming from it!....so after that i decided to just turn the game off....it was crazy! :nut:

1st Jul 2007, 06:01
Well that's not right.

I think I'd be really creeped out if that happened to me. Maybe Samara was trying to get into your game. :D

1st Jul 2007, 09:49
My first arrival to the lost valley.

Nothing to be found! No raptors or anything so i just ran around and picked everything i could find, then noticed the sky was messed up, it looked like texture corruption so i took a pic, tabed out to paste it into an editing prog and when i got back the sky was ok (alt tab fixed it).

Then i just ran towards the valley entry and it activated the raptors, aparently i missed a trigger/sensor somehow.

I was very surprised not to find any raptors there since i played the demo half a dozen times a while back.

The sky bug i got...

1st Jul 2007, 09:51

1st Jul 2007, 09:59

The funny part was that i wasnt facing the valley when i went to the entrance and activated the raptors so they kind of surprised me :rolleyes: .