View Full Version : Relentless carnivorous Natla rats!!! Um, I need a relic.

30th Jun 2007, 16:43
Before I ask for help on the Natla mines relic, I can't believe how persistent and hungry those stupid Natla rats are!! Chasing me endlessly. One of them chased me from the lava room entrance all the way back to the waterfall. I was so satisfied when I found my pistols. Die rats! Die!!!

Anyhow, I have searched high and low for this supposed RELIC in Natla's mines. I don't want to know where it is... but just tell me what frikin room it's in. The lava room? The waterfall room? The mine tunnels room? I'm going :mad2: looking in every nook... I don't want to use a video tutorial yet.

30th Jun 2007, 16:49
I hate those rats. I even tried pushing a crate on them.

Tiri Li
30th Jun 2007, 17:08
It's in the first room. There also an artifact there.

Relic Hint: You need your guns

Arifact hint: Use the boat

30th Jun 2007, 18:06
I got the one with the boat already, so I guess I'll try shooting at everything.


Tiri Li
30th Jun 2007, 19:12
You need to be on a certain level to shoot at the thing you need to shoot, I think.

If you are on the rght level it should be obvius because it targets it .

1st Jul 2007, 01:23
I got the one with the boat already, so I guess I'll try shooting at everything.

ThanksInstead of shooting at everything, just run around with your guns out. If there's an enemy, you're ready. If there's something you can shoot, it will light up as such ;)

1st Jul 2007, 02:52
You need to go to the waterfall, and shoot one of the crates, off of it's support, as I mean, make it fall onto the ground.. And it breaks open, there you go. >.>

Don't read that unless you're really desperate.