View Full Version : how to get out of library?

30th Jun 2007, 12:27
i really cant find a way of getin out of the library as the main door locks when u go in and in the next secret room that door is locked aswell please help!!

30th Jun 2007, 13:02
this is really quite easy i found it impossible to figure out at first but in the second room u go to the red light next to the door and click the acction button n there we go btw go and smash the glass and collect the items first

30th Jun 2007, 13:04
First, press the protruding book on the left (left when facing the desk), then the two books upstairs. After that, jump and grab the painting on the wall so that it goes down. Jump off and shoot the thing that now is vicible. Go through the secret passage, there, upstairs. Shoot the glasses and pick up the shiny object. Read the book on the right to get a clue. Return to the library and you can go out.

I think it went like this. :) A very boring explanation, but I hope it helps!

30th Jun 2007, 15:06
If you mean when the red light flashes and you are locked in the room, go up the stairs and around to jump on the gold painting on the wall. It will pull down as a switch and open another door.