View Full Version : ABILITIES Melee Thoughts

19th Nov 2013, 01:14
The Vampires have forward-moving melee attacks which doesn't seem unfair or overpowered at all, they're at a good start. However, the humans having a melee is pointless in my opinion. When a Reaver/Tyrant comes at you with nonstop attacks, I feel that your only option is to use whatever weapon you have (Which I think does equal or more damage than a single melee) or run. I think maybe the human melee should have a purpose, at the very least a small knockback on a Reaver.

19th Nov 2013, 01:16
It works mostly well on Alchemist and Scout to finish someone off. Hunter less so, since the magazine is bigger.

It's mostly your emergency last-hit skill. Or you can Bola a Tyrant 4 times in a row and bully him with a melee circle. That works too :P

19th Nov 2013, 01:25
We found during development that if you give humans an effective knockback melee it's overpowered as you end up getting smacked with it whenever you get close as a vampire.

It's a bit counterintuitive to be a melee class that gets punched backwards by the physically weaker race whenever you close the gap against their powerful long range weapons.

I agree it's not terribly powerful, but it's a decent last resort if you run out of bullets and the vampire's almost dead.

19th Nov 2013, 04:35
I suppose that makes sense. Beats the purpose of vampires having melee and gap closers if the humans can knock them back after the effort. If not then I suppose vampires would have to 100-0 them if they want an easy kill.

19th Nov 2013, 07:16
I noticed a similar problem with aliens colonial marines multiplayer, but they did an excellent job of regulating it by giving it very small range and a bit of recovery time. The stumble barely knocked them back, but it gave you half a second to aim at them before they were on you again. I do agree on the counter intuitive point though, so I believe it should stay the way it is. Keep up on the excellent game guys :)