View Full Version : No sliding down to the end?

27th Jun 2007, 22:16
I remember at the end of TR1 you slide down to the end shooting all your ammo out while you go to the end of the game, looks like the TR:Legend engine dosen't let you shoot while your sliding or something? That was really rewarding when you knew it was over and you can waste all your ammo up on the ceiling. Shame.

27th Jun 2007, 22:33
But at what cost? She always twists to slide forward. I'd rather have that, which helps me proceed at innumerable part in the game than the ability to shoot while sliding just so I can celebrate at the very end ;)

28th Jun 2007, 01:45
It is a shame. To me, that whole ending with trying to get through the pyramid and the shaking making it seem at least for the first 10 seconds that it was gonna blow (until I fell asleep one night and had the illusion shattered knowing it shook for 10 hours LOL). And those wicked slide jumps at the end. The rolling balls. It just was so hectic. And when you were through you had a real sense of accomplishment (Actually I have never finished TR1 officially, I have a save game with 1/8 health at the 3 sliding ledges before the ball....hoping for a miracle for the past 3 years LOL, how sad is that. I had to use cheats just to see the end.)

With TR:A I was so glad after all those grappling ledges to just be done already but with no sense of "here's an awesome cutscene for your troubles". It was like, meh, I'm done.

Also I had no problem with the backward jump, especially with the mid air roll....that was wicked cool!!

Actually if I think about it the sliding in TR:A is a little bland, it seems most slides you can't tell exactly where a good jump off is at first.

28th Jun 2007, 02:00
Also I had no problem with the backward jump, especially with the mid air roll....that was wicked cool!!I totally agree! But since we no longer have that version of the roll... Which is a shame too. I loved it when TR2 allowed you to do the roll underwater. That ability to change directions was a real time saver :)

28th Jun 2007, 05:51
You know, that roll was the first thing my sister asked about when she started playing TR:A. I didn't even think about it before that.

28th Jun 2007, 06:34
I really missed the roll too. :( I was watching some speed runs of TLR the other night and I didn't realize just how much until I was seeing it being used so often. I don't think anything bums me out about the game more than not having that move. 100% useful and cool looking.

(Well, okay, maybe how short it is, but other than that... :p)

The sliding does seem a bit bland, though. And she doesn't jump off as quick. Tripped me up the first time I tried it, I was expecting her to pop off the slope instantaneously.

29th Jun 2007, 05:59
yeah that does stink about the end of the game. Its also a shame about the rolling and also sliding backwards!That was one of the cool parts because i could always climb up and jump backwards!

29th Jun 2007, 12:26
I really miss the back jump and back step. IRL, I would not turn all the way around to do something if I could just step back a few feet. Of course IRL I would not be jumping off nothing that high. My fear of heights kicks in watching Lara do it sometimes LOL!!!

Plus she stayed lined up exactly where you had put her with the back step and made the run up easier (like the pole jump from the bear cave in Peru, I missed the pole 4 times because I couldn't really gauge the distance and turning her around to try to run to it was annoying.) Especially with those pole/wall crunchy areas...it would have been nice. It just seems to me like Lara LOOKS more athletic but when you think about it....she really isn't! Plus it would be nice to have the sprint back (that's not the same as sexy back)...and reasons to use the stealth and crouch more in the next games.