View Full Version : "G" on Xbox cut scene?

26th Jun 2007, 18:06
This is a question for a friend.

He says he is playing the Xbox version and he is getting a "G" pop up during the cut scenes. He can't figure out what button "G" is.

I confess to playing the Xbox version of Legend and don't remember a "G" ever popping up. :scratch:

Any ideas?

Below Zero
8th Jul 2007, 02:10
Most likley a glitch or something.

8th Jul 2007, 10:54
It's probably the analague stick.

8th Jul 2007, 16:32
Odd timing. The guy posted at the other board and said he figured out it was supposed to be "up" on the analog. Or maybe he just checked in here and got your response, Treeble. Thanks.