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25th Jun 2007, 17:29
Hey Everyone!:)

I saw some of the Mods did on the outfits for TRA and its just awsome:thumbsup: I would really like to know what you need to do this tipe of modding. Like some programs or downloads. I believe some of us would like some insite on this:scratch: (Including Me)

Please and Thankyou:D

26th Jun 2007, 09:46
Hi, it's REALLY EASY!!!
Visit www.tombraiderhub.com and look in Leged section.
Download the TEXMOD tool and look at the tutorials for help.
TEXMOD is SOOO easier than Tombripper that some modders use...

26th Jun 2007, 15:36
The modding thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=69951) already has tons of info on this subject, as well as links to the tutorial for TexMod that can be found at TR Hub. We should probably keep all info on the same subject together so that people looking for this information can find it in one spot ;)