View Full Version : Is this fun or what? Lost Island-pyramid

25th Jun 2007, 16:24
is there anyone out there who actually enjoyed -lost island the pyramid-? I found it to be extremly frustrating to the point i quit playing for days at a time. All i wanted out of that was to download a gamesave beyond that point. What did y'all think?

25th Jun 2007, 17:32
It didn't take that many tried for me to get through, and I actually pretty enjoyed it.

25th Jun 2007, 17:41
I got through it but there were some four letter words blistering the air for a few hours!!!

I get frustrated with TR games at some point in everygame...but this game (after AOD) just seemed to push a frustration nerve.

I've been replaying it, hoping that now I have some skills it would be better...but it's just meh. I have 6 artifacts that I don't think I'm going to be getting. Everything else is done.

Tiri Li
25th Jun 2007, 18:33
I enjoyed it, with the exception of the darn grappling bit >.< I swear that's the hardest part in the entire game.

25th Jun 2007, 18:34
I enjoyed the whole game. While that part was the toughest in the game, they WERE nice enough to create a checkpoint after each leg of climbing the shaft.

Also, I've made a full set of gamesaves. So you can get past it that way like you said.

25th Jun 2007, 18:35
Pffff... The Great Pyramide was the shortest and one of the easiest level in the game... It was also one of my favorite part when you need to climb, I did it the second try... What's everybody's problem ? :nut:

25th Jun 2007, 22:19
Right now I'm at that point in climbing the shaft. What fun ! :rolleyes: :mad2: I despise the timed platform/grapple/poles sequence. I feel too pressured even after trying to calm myself down many times. I have the PS2 version so maybe I'll just get the PC version and get a save file right after that spot. :mad: Probably not going to continue on at this extremely frustrating point.

25th Jun 2007, 22:49
they WERE nice enough to create a checkpoint after each leg of climbing the shaft.

Definitely. Imagine having to start that from the bottom everytime Lara died?