View Full Version : Wall jumping problems..now solved!

25th Jun 2007, 15:52

How many of you had really problems sorting out the backwards wall jumping after grappling???...:(

I have completed every single Tombraider game (without cheats or walkthroughs I might add) Then came up against the sword room on St Francis folly...OMG...!!!

I must have tried it over 100 times only actually doing it once by complete fluke...but unfortunately missing the grab...not funny....:mad2:

My poor controller has been thrown from pillar to post and almost out of the window on a number of occasions! After reading countless forums about other Plys plights on this topic...I was about to give up the ghost....when....


Just to let fellow strugglers know the way I did it!
Its all in the camera angle!!!! Point the camera down the wall so you can see the ledge! Also swop to Auto grab in options, just for this one move and bob's ya uncle

Peace out