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25th Jun 2007, 02:38
I'm downloading the demo now and wondering if this game supports Stereo3D and if it will get an MTBS3D (Meant To Be Seen 3D, mtbs3d.com) certification. I'm using shutterglasses for the 3D effect and would really like to see this game in true 3D.
If anyone knows, please post, thanks.

25th Jun 2007, 20:43
I can tell it works just as well as TR Legends. Just turn in the options:
"Fullscreen effects"=Off 'Loss of S3D experience + major ghosting on one eye
"Reflections"=Off 'Only gives reflection anomalies
"Water effects"=Off 'Only gives reflection anomalies
And there you go!

However: The HUD alters dept as well as the options screen when altering the convergence. This is the fact with most games in S3D. Maybe the developers of Crystal Dynamics could take a look at this! Would be great in that case! (Maybe gold certifacation in this case? :P) .
No matter what: These two games (TR Legends and TR Anniversary) are the best I've played in years! And absolutely the best two games in the tombraider series since they really have that "old" feeling that caught me in the first TR episodes! Great work of Crystal Dynamics!!! :thumbsup:
(And i've just only got passed that big Tyrannosauros Rex). Imagine that enormous lizzard in pure stereoscopic vision! :eek:

26th Jun 2007, 01:39
Thanks for the help with those settings! I tried it out, and it looks really good!

One thing I noticed though is that the 3-D effect goes in and out, Maybe once every 20 seconds, like the left and right images are being swapped. This happens much more often than in other games that I play with the stereo 3-D. For example in GT legends this may only happen once every half hour. Have you noticed this?

The 3-D effect in this game is exceptional thanks again!

26th Jun 2007, 12:02
Strange that you have this kind of problem. I don't have any problems at all but i'm not running shutterglasses. Have dual projectors setup on a 7900GT and it works like a charm. However when i used shutterglasses i once and a while could have image swap but never during gameplay. Restarting the game most often solved the problem.
Hehe. If you have the wireless glasses: Check if someone else is playing with a remote control or something. I actually made my glasses go nuts with those. :lmao:

26th Jun 2007, 17:20
waht! YOU CAN SEE 3D??? where do i get those glasses... i wanna see :D

27th Jun 2007, 15:25
Yes! We can see 3D and most games works right away out from the box. However new things like postprocessing and some other things can messes the 3D-experience up. But i can tell you that every single Tombraider game from Tombraider 2 up to Tombraider Anniversary works really good! Most games works quite well from the box though.

S-3D Princip: By displaying two separate pictures to each eye you get a dept experience. Things can even appear to be in front of the screen!

Now what not too many know: Nvidia has developed stereo-drivers for use with their ordinary drivers. The drivers support:

Anaglyph Stereo: You wear glasses with a red/cyan or red/blue filter. That way you can play stereo even on TFT-monitors. The colors of the filters is adjustable in the driver. If you have an Nvidia card this might be the "tryout" 3D-setup. Backsites: Only greyscales. You don't get any colors. On the other hand it's cheap. Maybe you even have some of those glasses somewhere.

Shutter glasses: The monitor alters the left and right eye image several times a second (For a nice flickerfree experience it's good to have a monitor that handles at least 85Hz. means 85 shifts per second). The shutterglasses let the right image to the right eye and the left image to the left eye. The glasses connects to the monitor cable via a dongle that gives the signal for the glasses. There are also wireless types that works with IR-light (IR-transmitter connected to the dongle). The shutterglasses do NOT work with an LCD-monitor since LCD's aren't capable of shifting images enough times per second. Very good performance with CRT-monitors though. This is probably the most popular 3D setup since it reproduces colors well too. On the backside with shutterglasses: If you're not able to use enough high switchrate you get a flicker that may cause headache and irritation. A refresh rate of the monitor from 85 Hz and up is good. Some DLP-projectors also works good with shutterglasses.

The drivers also supports Nvidia cards with dual vga-outputs which can be used with several Setups: An IZ3D-screen that uses polarized light. You need to wear polarized glasses. Advantages of this setup is that it's guaranteed flicker free. Ghosting rejection is also good. (Ghosting - A small amount of the left eye image that manage to pass through to the right eye and vice versa). The dual output mode can also be used with a dual polarized projector setup, different planar devices (Polarized technique with two monitors where one of them is viewed directly through a mirror and the other one is reflected by same mirror) and probably some others as well.

What you need:
A computer with a preferable new Nvidia card (up to and including 7900). (However not the newest 8800 since stereosupport for those still sux. That can change fast though).
The Nvidia stereo driver. (Can be found on their site below "Download drivers", "Consumer 3D stereo")

Now: Some might think that rendering two images will make the graphiccard lag. However most of the load is on the cpu though. Sometimes you can get framerates that are really close to playing stereoscopy as with without stereoscopy. Sometimes the framerates might drop very much but most often not.

Backsite if you have ATI-card: The steresupport (if existent) for these cards so far is really bad so Nvidia is your choice of card (so far).

Tried to catch the most vital things here but ask if you want to know more.

I've been playing games in 3D-stereo since about 2 years back in time and i'm completely sold on the concept! If all knew about this then everybody would have some kind of 3D-setup.
I have a wireless pair of shutterglasses from E-Dimensional but there are manufacturers that might be cheaper. I gave approximately 150$ for my pair (in Sweden). In my experience they work great with my Philips 109P40 CRT-monitor. Lately i play all games using a dual projector setup which uses polarised light on a 100" so called "silverscreen". Only a cheap pair of polarized glasses is needed to see the effect! Now: Imagine playing games on a big screen and in stereoscopic vision! A dream of mine that finally came true!!!

27th Jun 2007, 15:29
lol, wow, ok, so where can I get these...

27th Jun 2007, 15:36
Lol. That was fast! It of course depends on the country you live in. Use pricerunner or something similar to see shops in your area! I know E-Dimensional and Razor revelator as names on those manufacturers. You can also check the forums on the mtbs3d site. There are many stereogamers willing to help out.

27th Jun 2007, 15:39
i dont have a credit card.. but do you think they'll sell it in like regular electronic stores or is this stuff like underground...:scratch:

27th Jun 2007, 15:45
It doesn't hurt to check with the storekeeper. Some are very helpful and might be able to help you out there. B.t.w: Where do you live? I mean: I live in Sweden and getting those glasses here was of no problem. Maybe we could find a reseller near you or at least in your country.

27th Jun 2007, 16:04
kool, i havent been to sweden but their choclates r amazing... anyways, uh I live in Canada, so i dunno if they do or not :S