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25th Jun 2007, 01:55
I installed TRA and its the direct 2 drive version if that makes a difference. The other day my game was working fine and I didn't change any system settings and when I went to play it again the screen would remain black but I would hear sound and then if I hit anything it would lock up. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and have also updated and changed settings and everything I could think of.
Setup runs fine and it installs correctly. IT still doing the same thing.... What happens in more detail is it opens and then goes to a black screen and stays that way but I hear the sounds from the opening of the game movie and all. If I hit anything (other then Alt +Tab to minimize and end task) it just locks up. Again I don't know what else to try.

I'm running Windows XP Media Edition
Latest Direct X updates
NVidia Ge Force 5700 FX LE

Its really aggravating me especially when it was working so any help would be greatly appreciated cause I'm :mad2: <~~~ doing that about now

5th Jul 2007, 09:31
What game resolution and refresh rate have you set the game to use ? Launch your TRA setup and make sure you haven't set these values higher than your monitor supports, that's one reason for getting blank screens.

You didn't mention anything about your video card drivers... Have you installed / are you using the latest drivers ?

6th Jul 2007, 09:04
Yes Everything is updated. Actually I had it working again (what i Did I do not know I thought I did) but its back to doing it yet again... I did what I thought had fixed it the last time buut guess that wasn't it...
When windows gives me an error I click the details when I have to End-Task it says the error has to do something with this Temp file...
IF that helps at all...

6th Jul 2007, 20:36
Can you run diagnose.exe and cut&Paste the results into a reply.