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23rd Jun 2007, 17:44
I got the bow but died/drowned in the tunnel between pools. Went back in and Golden Bow is gone from pool and not in my inventory....WTF? Have the arrow but can't figure out how to get bow back, any help????

23rd Jun 2007, 18:04
You'll have to start the stage over. I don't know first hand, but I've read that this only happens if you fill the pool before releasing the statue.

23rd Jun 2007, 18:53
This also happened to me.

Load your last game save, and do the section again, it should reappear (unless you manually saved at a checkpoint after this happened). :)

23rd Jun 2007, 20:44
I don't have the option to manually save the game in Croft Manor, it only saves at the checkpoints. Assuming I had the bow I ran out to the statue in the maze and cleared a few checkpoints before I realized I didn't have it.

Am I hosed?

23rd Jun 2007, 22:49
From what I remember, everytime you get to a checkpoint the game does an "auto save". You also have the option to save the checkpoint in one of (four?) slots. If you saved manually in this way at a checkpoint prior to losing the bow, then load up that savegame. If you have not manually saved anywhere, and so when you load the game, you are still bugged, then yes, you are 'hosed', and will have to replay from scratch. Unless you are on PC and can dl a savegame or something. I was on PS2 and did not have that option, but fortunately I had done this manual-save. :)

23rd Jun 2007, 23:43
You also have the option to save the checkpoint in one of (four?) slots.

50 if you're on PC. Which you can always copy/paste/move them anyways, so really, it's unlimited. I don't recall having that option in Croft Manor though.

@Chief: Read my last post. It's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth.

24th Jun 2007, 12:31
Yep, PC players have to restart the Manor if they manage to drown themselves in the pool getting the bow. Perhaps it might be an idea next time to get the bow before turning the water on. :scratch: